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8 August 1985

Contact Specs
AIM: oregami heart/tsukino moon
Email: easternelvenlady@yahoo.com
Time Zone: EST
FF.n: Koohii Cafe
TtH: Koohii Cafe
Fiction Press: Koohii Cafe
Graphics Community: sailor_graphics
Name: Raven
A.K.A.: Usako, Usagi, Usakoneko
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Housewife
Hobbies: Reading, writing, RPing
So I guess it's time to update this, huh? Hiya! I'm Raven, your local neighborhood nutjob, and it's nice to meet you. XD I'm a 24 year old married chickadee with no real life to speak of. I've been pretty much glued to the internet for most of my life, so I guess you could classify me as a geek. Several of my friends certainly do. Somehow, they just don't understand when I start going off on random tangents in a conversation about my latest internet obsession, be it role playing, click babies, fan fiction, or graphics.

I'm both a creature of habit, and a creature of phases. I'll often become completely obsessed with one thing for a short period of time; during that phase, I will live, eat, breath, and sleep whatever I'm into. Then, after a bit, it'll pass and I'll move on to something else. Although, I never truly leave something behind forever, since my obsessions tend to rotate in a continuous cycle.

I'm also a pretty friendly person, although I can be really horrible at keeping in touch with people. I love meeting new people! Do you and I share an interest? Let me know, say hi, and I'll most likely gush back at you about whatever it is. ^^; I'll also talk with most people about anything and everything else as well. Guess I'm an equal opportunity girl when it comes to chatting about stuff. Hee!

It also bears repeating and warning... I'm absolutely horrible about keeping up with people. It's not intentional, but my memory. It fails me. XD So, I will often fail to keep contact up with people. It doesn't mean I don't like them! Just that it slipped my mind. (If it helps, I even do this with my best friends in irl and hubby! >.<)

Want to know more about me? Well, check out my journal. That's what it's here for, right? Feel free to comment on my Friends Only post, or to just randomly IM me, I don't mind at all! So... Hope to chat with ya sometime!
Disclaimer Other
Raven is property of her husband, William.
This journal contains very adult content under filters.
This is a personal journal to give Raven a private outlet.
Graphics by sailor_graphics unless otherwise stated.

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